Golden age hollywood actors

Richard Burton

Richard Burton(Height,Weight&Zodiac sign,movies,spouse)

Who is Richard Burton? Richard Walter Jenkins, Jr., was born on November 10, 1925 at Pontrhydyfen, Wales Richard Walter Jenkins ...
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MarlonBrando-The Wild One

Marlon Brando-(Height,Weight&Zodiac sign,movies,spouse)

Who is Marlon Brando? Marlon Brando, Jr. was born to Marlon Brando, Sr. and Dorothy Julia in Omaha, Nebraska,United States ...
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Gregory Peck

Gregory peck-(height,weigth&zodiac sign,movies,spouse)

Who is Gregory Peck? Gregory Peck was a versatile, award-winning American film and stage actor. His career spans over 50 ...
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cary grant

Cary Grant -british-born hollywood actor(height,weight & zodiac sign, movies,spouse)

Who is Cary Grant? Cary Grant, formerly Archibald Alexander Leach, was a British-born American film actor and executive producer. He ...
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John Wayne

John Wayne- a versatile actor (height,weight&Zodiac sign,movies, spouse)

Who is John Wayne? Marion Morrison, screen as John Wayne, was an iconic,versatile and Academy Award winning actor. He was ...
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James Stewart-(height,weight&zodiac sign,movies,spouse)

Who is James Stewart? James Stewart was an American actor, novelist, director, and military pilot. He is best known for ...
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