James Stewart-the legendary actor (height, networth & spouse) (1908-1997)

birthday-May 20, 1908 in Indiana, Pennsylvania

Who was James Stewart?

James Stewart was an American actor, novelist, director, and military pilot. He is best known for playing George Bailey in the classic Christmas film It’s a Wonderful Life. He is affectionately known as “Jimmy” by his fans. James Stewart, named Jimmy Stewart, was born on May 20, 1908 in Indiana, Pennsylvania to Alexander M. Stewart and Elizabeth Ruth Jackson.

He had two younger sisters named Mary and Virginia. He is an Oscar-winning performer who has become famous for his low-key and gentle screen persona. James Stewart won his two Academy Awards for Best Actor, once for his 1941 Philadelphia Story and his other for his 1985 Lifetime Achievement Award, earning six nominations.


In 1932, Stewart graduated in architecture from Princeton University.

Height Weight & Zodiac sign

Height 6 feet 3 inches
Weight 85 kg (187 lbs)
Hair  Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Zodiac sign Taurus

Military carrer of James Stewart

jpg 20230128 150821 0000 giruta.comStewart was the first major American movie star to enlist in the U.S. Army during World War II. He joined the Army Air Corps in early 1941, was promoted to colonel, and received several awards for his service. In 1959 he was promoted to Air Force Reserve Brigadier General. He retired from the military in 1968, when he was awarded the Air Force Medal of Merit. Stewart was also awarded America’s highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, in 1985 “for services to the arts, entertainment, and public service.”

Acting carrer of James Stewart

Jimmy went into his acting carrer after finishing his graduation from Princeton University. His first screen appearance was in Art Trouble (1934). In 1935, Stewart signed a contract with MGM studio and began his impressive film career. During the 1930s, his acting skills continued to shine, he made twenty-one feature films during this period and  began making a name for himself in increasingly high-profile roles throughout the rest of the 1930s.

His famous collaboration with Frank Capra helped get his career off to a promising star. They worked together in “You Can’t Take It with You (1938)”, “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”(1939) and “It’s a Wonderful Life” (1946). These films were box- office success. “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” (1939), about a shy, idealistic young senator fighting congressional corruption, earned his first Oscar nomination.

He also appeared in many comedies with varying degrees of success. He won an Oscar the following year for his classic film The Philadelphia Story (1940. His first post-war film was  Capra’s “It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)”, whose performance earned him his third Academy Award nomination.

 His collaborations with  Alfred Hitchcock, and Anthony Mann helped enhance his image. He collaborated with Hitchcock on his four different films, The “Rope” (1948), “The Man Who Knew Too Much” (1956), “Rear Window” (1954) and “Vertigo” (1958). They were considered masterpieces.

Stewart and Mann collaboration expanded Stewart’s popularity. They work together on Winshester ’73”, “Bend of the River” (1952), “The Naked Spur” (1953), “The Far country” (1954), “The Man from Laramie” (1955) and the biopic The Glenn Miller Story” (1954).The film Stewart made for Mann proved that the actor could play the role of a gritty western. Especially noticeable in the classic “Winchester ’73” (1950) and “Laramie Man” (1955). During his 70 years in Hollywood, Stewart has maintained an eclectic career.

Images of James Stewart


Classic films of James Stewart 

  • You Can’t take it with you 1938

jpg 20230128 210131 0000 giruta.com

  A romanitc comedy drama film release on Date Sep 29, 1938 ,  directed by Frank Capra , starring Jean Arthur, Lionel Barrymore, James Stewart and Edward Arnold. The film was a ommercial success, and received two Academy Awards from seven nominations: Best Picture and Best Director for Frank Capra. 


  • Vivacious Lady 1938

jpg 20230128 211222 0000 giruta.com

A romantic comedy film released in 1938, Ginger Rogers, James Stewart, James Ellison, Beulah Bondi, Charles Coburn, Frances Mercer, Phyllis Kennedy, Franklin Pangborn, Grady Sutton, Directed by George Stevens .

  • Mr. Smith goes to Washington 1939

Mr. Smith goes to Washington

A classic comedy-drama of Frank Capra’s, considered to be his greatest among his films. This film help James Stewart  as a leading actor. Stewart portrayed as a powerful patriotic young politician  who fights political corruption and forces of American  democracy, freedom and morality over oppression and evil who guards American values as a moral hero.


  • The Philadelphia Story 1940Margarita 1 giruta.com

A 1940 romantic comedy drama based on the 1939 broadway play of the same name by Philip Barry. The film was directed by George Cukor, produced by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, starring James Stewart, Carry Grant and Ruth Hussey. The film was nominated for six Academy Awards: picture,director,lead actress,lead actor, the film won two: Donald Odgen Stewart for best adapted sceenplay and James Stewart for best actor.

  • It’s aWonderful Life 1946

The film was based on the short story ‘The Greatest Gift’ by Philip Van Doren Stern, produced and directed by Frank Capra, James Stewart as George Bailey , Donna Reed as Mary Hatch , Lionel Barrymore as Mr. Potter , Thomas Mitchell as Uncle Billy, Henry Travers as Clarence , Beulah Bondi as Mrs. Bailey , Ward Bond as Bert, Frank Faylen as Ernie , Gloria Grahame as Violet.

‘Its a wonderful life’ movie is a classic film of Christmas films and one of the greatest film of James Stewart. The story of the film revolves around man named George Bailey who always sacrife his own needs and desires for family and communities. He was desperately frustrated when he faces financial ruin and personal turmoil. He was so desperate he contemplates suicide but an angel intervenes from heaven and he learns the value of his life and the impact he has had on those around him.

  • Vertigo 1958     

    Margarita giruta.com Vertigo was a psychological thriller film, released in 1958. The film was produced and directed by Alfred Hitchcock. This film is considered one of Hitchcock’s most complex movies. It was starred by James Stewart, Kim Novak, Barbara Bel, Tom Helmore. Two Academy Award nomination for  Art direction and Sound. 

 Stewart played the most complicated role of his career. Stewart played the role of a retired police officer John “Scottie” Ferguson who is feared of heights. He comes out of retirement, however, at the behest of Gavin Elster (Tom Helmore), a college friend who wants Stewart to follow his wife, Madeleine (Kim Novak), and ascertain the purpose of her peculiar behaviour. Stewart unexpectedly falls in love with her, only to witness her suicide.

Networth of James Stewart

James Stewart, the iconic actor, was a rich actor. He was one of the top paid actors of his time. However his networth can be fluctuated due to various factors  such as investments, real estate, and ongoing earnings from royalties and other sources. He had a networth of around $30 million at the time of his death making him one of the wealthiest actors of Hollywood.

James Stewart Spouse

Stewart married his wife Gloria in 1949 .The couple had four children-Son: Michael Stewart, Ronald Stewart Daughter: Judy Stewart-Merrill, Kelly Stewart-Harcourt. Stewart’s wife Gloria died of lung cancer on her February 16, 1994, aged 75. Her death left Stewart depressed.

Later life & death

After stewart’s wife death he spent most of his time spending in his bedroom,  not only cut off from all people and media from his life, but also his co-stars and friends. In February 1997, he was hospitalized for an irregular heartbeat and died of a heart attack caused by the embolism at the age of 89.

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