Stella Stevens-known for her role in “Nutty Professor”(1938-2023)

Stella StevensStella Stevens

Stella Stevens was an American model, actress,film producer, director and writer. She was a prominent leading lady of 1960s and 1970s whose career spans over four decades. She was known for her beauty, talent and charm. She was often compared to Marilyn Monroe and 1930s famous star Jean Harlow for her smoldering blond looks. Her best known performing role was “Girls!Girls!Girls!” with Elvis Presley and “Nutty Professor” with Jerry Lewis.

She, a voluptous figure and graceful comic touch, had been a part of more han 200 movie and TV roles. She also produced and directed many workd including “The Ranch”,”The American Heroine”. She was inducted into Hollywood walk of Fame in 2003.

Childhood and Education of Stella Stevens

She was born on october 1,1938 as Estella Caro Eggleston at Yazoon city, Mississippi, USA. She was the only child of Thomas Ellet Eggleston, an insurance salesman and Estella (Caro) Eggleston who was a nurse. Her family moves to Memphis, Tenneses when she was only four years old. She attended different schools. She was a student at St. Anne’s Catholic school, Sacred Heart School of Jefferson Avenue. In 1955 she graduated from the Memphis Tech High School.

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Stella Stevens Marriage

Stella married at ayoung age of 16 to her classmate Noble Herman Stephen (an electrician) on December 3,1954. She had only one son Herman Stephens Andrew in 1955. Their marrriage did not last. The couple divorced in 1957. Her son Stephen is also an actor, producer and director.

Stella Stevens Body measurements

Height 5 ft 5 inches
Weight 54 kg
Waist-Hip 22 inches-36 inches
Hair colour Dyed Blonde
Eye colour Light Brown
Bra size 34 D
Shoe size 5.5 UK
Zodiac sign Libra
Race White
Nationality American

Stella Stevens Acting Career  

Stella fell in love in acting and had an influenced in the film industry when was in her college times. She had been a part of more than 200 movie and TV roles. Her debut movie was 1960’s musical film “Say One for Me”. It was a monor role opposite Bing Crosby, Debbie Reynolds and Robert Wagner. For her performance in this role movie she was awarded ” New Star of the Year” by the Golden Globe. It was written by Robert O’Brien and directed by Frank Tashlin.

Stella Stevens Movies

1.Too Late Blues

In 1961 she appeared in “Too Late Blues” opposite Boby Darin. It was directed by John Cassavetes. It was a black and whitw American film where Stella played a would-be singer who later turns into prostitution. This film is considered to be Stella’s one of the best dramatic role. The film is about a struggling jazz musician “Ghost” and his love interest between “Jess”, a beautiful would-be singer, and his band members.


In 1962 came an American musical comedy film “Gilrs!Girls!Girls!” starring Stella as Robin Gatner and Elvis Presley as Ross Carpenter. The film is about a sailor played by Elvis finds that the boat he used to work and his father had built been sold. He decided to continue to work on the boat as a guide. However he caught in alove triangle between two women- a club singer (Robin) and Sweet Laurel. He has to choose one. The film consists of lot of songs with a little drama. It was one of the top grossing film of 1962 and also nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Motion picture-Musical.

3.Nutty Professor

In 1963 came two successful comedy film of Stella. One is “Nutty Professor” and “The Courtship of Eddie’s father”. Her breakout and best performing role was in the film “Nutty Professor”. Written by Jerry Lewis and Bill Richmond, Directed by Jerry Lewis.The film starred Stella Stevens as Stella Purdy and Jerry Lewis as Professor Julius F. Kelp/Buddy Love. The film was about a shy college professor who invents a mixture by miracle that transform him into a sauve and handsome womanizer.

4. The Courtship of Eddie’s Father

It is a 1963 American light romantic comedy film directed by Vincente Minnelli. It was based on the novel by Mark Toby. The film was about a Young boy (Six and half-years old) who tries to persuade his widowed father to find a woman and marry.The young boy helps him in choosing between three woman-Shirley Jones, Dina Merrill, and Stella Stevens.

5. Advance to the Rear

In 1964, she signed a contract with Columbia Pictures for a four year period. 1964 came “Advance to the Rear” an American comedy film directed by George Marshall and produced by Ted Richmond. The film starred as Stella Stevens as Martha Lou Williams and Glenn Ford as Captain/Lieutenant Jared Heath. The film was about a union army outfit, as punishment for their incompetence in battle, are reassigned away from the front lines and sent to the western territory to escort an important gold.

6. Synanon

1965 came two film of Atella- “Synanon” and “The Secret of My Success”. “Synanon” is an American drama film Produced and directed by Richard Quine Starring Stella Stevens as Joaney Adamic and Chuck Connors as Ben. The film shows a rehabilitation center at Synanon House. A recovering alcoholic,Chuck Dederich, is in charge of the said rehab centre.Zankie Albo and Joaney Adamic are admitted to the rehab for drug addict and attraction developed between the two.

7. The Secret of My Success

It is a 1965 is British comedy film. It was produced and directed by Andrew L. Stone. A police constable rose to fame,wealth and respectability after solving two high-profile cases with the help of his mother Arthur Tate. Stella also starred opposite Dean Martin in the 1966 film “The Silencers”. The film is an American spy comedy film Produced by Irving Allen and directed by Phil Karlson. The film is about a retired agent Matt Helm as Dean Martin reassigned in order to halt a Chinese agent (Victor Buono) who plans a US missile so to destroy Alamogordo, New Mexico and starting WWIII.

Stella Stevens Net Worth

From the various sources it is estimated that the net worth of Stella is $10 million. She hearned a descent amount of money from her acting career.

Stella Stevens Playboy

Stella Stevens started her career as a model. She had once won the title of Miss Memphis in 1953. She was made a worldwide sex symbol by the paramount. she was named playboy’s playmate After she won the “New Star of the Year” for her role in “Say One for Me” of the month. She appeared three times in playboy magazine.

Stella Stevens Death

Stella suffered from a long time from Alzheimer’s disease. She died on February 17, 2023 at the age of 84 in Los Angeles.

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