Lizabeth Scott “The Threat” and attractive “Queen” of film noir (1922-2015)

Lizabeth Scott Who was Lizabeth Scott?

Lizabeth Scott was an American actress, model and singer. She was one of the most beautiful, blonde and alluring known for her husky voice. Strong slurty and heavy dark eyebrows with contrasting blonde hair rule the Hollywood during 1940s and 1950s. She also worked on the TVs from the late 1940s to the early 1970s.

She was born on September 29,1922 as Emma Matzo in Scranton Pennsylvania to John Matzo and Mary. Her father was a business man who owned Matzo market. Their parents were slovak immigrants and their family lived in the Pine Brook Section of Scranton. Her father owned the Matzo market. She was the eldest among her six siblings.

In her acting career she had appeared in more than 20 films pairing opposite to the giant and great iconic actors of her  time. She paired with Kirk Douglas, Humphrey Bogart, Burt Lancaster etc. She mostly cast in noir films (stylized hollywood crime drama). She was often compared to Lauren Bacall due to physical resemblance .

Childhood and Education of Lizabeth Scott

She studied  Marywood Seminary college,  a local catholic girl’s school and first college for women in Northeastern Pennsylvania. She also studied at Scranton Central High school. In 1939 when she was only 17 years old her family moved to New York city and Ferguson Residence for women. She also attended Marywood college for sometime. There she studied acting at the Alvienne theatre school for 18 months where she learnt the art to pitch her voice higher. From her childhood she love music and singing. Her family was immersed in music, this love of music influenced her singing voice and talent.

Height Weight and Body size

Height 5ft 1/2 inches(166.4cm)
Weight 52 kg(115 pounds)
Waist-hips 24 inches-34 inches
Hair colour Blonde
Eye colour Blue (Hazel)
Bra size  38 BUS
Shoe size  7.7 US
Zodiac sign  Libra
Race White
Nationality American

What nationality is Lizabeth Scott?


Images of Lizabeth Scott

Acting career of Lizabeth Scott

From her childhood she love music and singing.Her parents oppose her to pursue an acting career.Her mother wanted her to become a journalist.But she wanted to become either a a stage actress or a nun. Before getting an acting job she got engage with Hellzapoppin when she was only 18 years old. She was chosen by John Ole Oslen and Harold (stars od the broadway) among several women. It was a touring compnay where she had appeared in a series of comedy blackouts.

For sometime she had also worked as a fashion model with Harper’s Bazar. Michael Myerberg, broadway manufacturer, uncovered Lizabeth Scott in 1942. In 1942 she starred in her first starring role in the play “Rain” where played as Sadie Thompson. In 1943 she befriended with Irving Hoffman, a famous Hollywood Reporter. With his help she was offered the lead role of “The Skin of Our Teeth”.

During this time she decided to drop the letter “E” from her name. Before her debut movie came she was rejected by many film studios because she knew nothing about screen acting. Her first screen test at Universal was also rejected. The tested at Warner Bros where she was taught by film director Fritz Lang about screen acting. In 1941 she got a chance as a second leading lady in the warner film “Fingers”.

She also got rejected for the screen test of 1942 film “Male Animal”. At that time she was said she would never become a star. Lizabeth was also screen tested for the film “Love Letters” (1945) and “The Affairs of Susan”. But she was not casted.

Hal B. Wallis, an American producer who produce “Casablanca” (1942) saw her potential and came her debut movie came “You Came Along” 1945 when she was only 22 years old. In 1946 she went to Britain for second film “Martha Ivers” and became the first Hollywood star to visit Britain after Second World War II.

In 1947 came her third film “Dead Reckoning” which was supposed to be cast by Rita Hayworth.She can feel the emotional and psychological.  A perfect  for classic film noir. In her acting career from 1945 to 1972 she appeared in 22 films . She mostly cast as a leading lady. In many of her films she mostly portrayed a good- bad girl ( a good girl become bad becoming good again.

However her acting career began deteriorated when a magazine published her as a lesbian. For that she sued the magazine $2.5 million for publishing her in a vicious, slander and indecent. In the 1950s she paid more focuses on her singing career. She appeared on Tv shows, game shows and drama series.

Top Movies of Lizabeth Scott

  • You Came Along(1945)

A romantic comedy drama film set in World War II. It wasYou came Along based on the story “Don’t Ever Grieve Me” (story) by Robert Smith, produced by Hal B. Wallis and directed by John Farrow. The film features Robert Cummings as Major Robert “Bob” Collins and Lizabeth Scott as Ivy “Hotcha” Hotchkiss.Don DeFore as Captain W. Anders Charles Drake as Lieutenant R. Janoschek.

Lizabeth Scott played the role of a public relations officer from the Us Treasury Department. She was in charge of looking of three highly decorated pilots on a patroitic bond-selling tour. Bob and Ivy become romatically involved and fall in love. Tragically Ivy discovered that Bob has an incurable disease.

  • The Strange Love of Martha Ivers(1946)

The strange love of Martha IversAn American film noir based on the story “Love Lies Bleeding” by John Patrick Produced by Hal B. Wallis and directed by Lewis Milestone. The film features Barbara Stanwyck as Martha Ivers,Kirk Douglas as Walter O’Neil and Lizabeth Scott as Antonia “Toni” Marachek.

It was the second film of Lizabeth Scott and the debut film of Kirk Douglas. Young Martha Ivers, a 13 years old, accidentally cause the death of her cruel and authoritarian aunt. The whole incident was seen by young Walter O’Neil who is the son of Martha tutor.Eventually seventeen years later Martha and Jr. Martha married so that her secret would not be reveal and saf.

However their marriage was a one-sided love. Jr. Walter genuinely love her but she does not him. Martha builds a large business empire by inheriting her aunt’s properties and Walter become the district attorney.Sam played by Van Heflin, a childhood friend, of Martha shows up in the town meets Antonia “Toni” who has just been released from jail. Antonio was arrested on the same day for violating her probation. Walter forces Antonio to set up Sam because he believes that he knows the secret of Martha. But Sam had not Witnesses the death.

  • Desert Fury (1947)

Desert FuryAn American techni-colour film noir produed by Hal B. Wallis and Directed by Lewis Allen. The film was based on the story Desert Town by Ramona Stewart. It features Burt Lancaster as Tom Hanson, John Hodiak as Eddie Bendix, Wendell Corey as Johnny Ryan, Mary Astor as Fritzi Haller and Lizabeth Scott as Paula Haller.

The story of the film is set in a small desert town, Nevada. Fritzi Halleer is a widow and powerful casino owner in a small town Chuckawalla, Nevada. Paula Haller is her daughter. Young Burt Lancaster, deputy sheriff, is in love with Paula.

Gangster Eddie Bendix is suspicious of his wife’s murder at a car accident. Eddie Bendix and Johnny Ryan have returned to the town for the first since Eddie’s wife death. When they returned in the town they get acquainted with Paula. Despite warning and pressure from Paula’s mother she get involved more and more with Eddie. Paula’s relation with her contentious and competitive. Then things turned up and leads to nasty when Paula reunites with her Tom.

The film received an Academy Award nomination for Best story ad it was also entered into Cannes Film festival of 1947.

  • Dead Reckoning(1947)

Dead Reckoning An American noir film Produced by Sidney Biddell and directed by John Cromwell. The film features Humphrey Bogart as Capt. Warren “Rip” Murdock,William Prince as Sgt. Johnny Drake (John Joseph Preston) and Lizabeth Scott as Coral “Dusty”/”Mike” Chandler. The film features two of the noir’s greatest icons.

The film is about a veteran soldier, Rip Murdock, sets out to find his war buddy Sergeant Johnny Drake after he disappears on his way from Paris to Wshington D.C. They were to be honoured by the War Department for their achievements. Coral plays the role of sexy night club singer.On investigation urdock learns that his friend Drake was accused of a murder charge of a rich man called Chandler because he was in love with the Chandler’s wife Coral. Later found it was the Coral who shot her husband.

  • Pitfall (1948)

PitfallAn American film noir crime and drama film. It was based on the novel “The Pitfall” by Jay Dratler, Produced by Samuel Bischoff and directed by André de Toth. The film features Dick Powell as John Forbes and Lizabeth Scott as Mona Stevens. In Los Angeles a married insurance man,Dick Powell, and a father to a son had an affair with a blonde lady, Mona Stevens, while her husband is in jail. Scott delivers her most memorable performance in this film.

  • Too Late for Tears (1949)

Too Late for TearsThe film was based on the story “Too Late for Tears” by Roy Huggins, Produced by Hunt Stromberg and directed by Byron Haskin. It was a box office success. The film features Arthur Kennedy as Alan Palmer, Dan Duryea as Danny Fuller and Lizabeth Scott as Jane Palmer.

Jane and Alan are a couple living a happy married life. Jane while driving her car one night an unlike coincidence happened. A bag full of money $60,000 gets tossed by mistake into her car from another car. Jane wanted to keep the money and spend it even if it means murdered.

But her husband preferred to take it to the police. Finally she convinces her husband to hide the money. She plots with Danny Fuller, an insurance investigator, and kills her own husband. Later she double cross with Danny. Scott Plays the role of ruthless woman in this film. It was one of her best role. Her performance make her a really memorable femme fatable character.

  • Paid in Full (1950)

Paid in FullAn American drama film Produced by Hal B. Wallis and directed by William Dieterle. It was based on the story written by Frederick M. Loomis called “Paid in Full”. The film features Robert Cummings as Bill Prentice, Lizabeth Scott as Jane Langley and Diana Lynn as Nancy Langley.

The film is about two sisters( Jane Langley and Nancy Langley) who fall in love with the same handsome guy Bill Prentice. Their mother died in childbirth and Jane raised her younger sister Nancy. Both work with Bill Who is an advertising executive. Jane work as clothing designer and Nancy as a beautiful store model.Jane loves Bill but Bill loves selfish Nancy.

After marriage Bill realized that he is in love with Jane and have feelings for one another. He realized he married the wrong sister. A few years later Nancy gives birth a daughter, Deborah. Unfortunately, Jane accidentally kills Deborah. This incident traumatized and undergoing therapy. To save her younger sister, Jane marries Bill and get pregnant. Jane dies after giving birth baby JAne and gives to her sister to start a new life.

  • The Rackets (1951)

The RacketsA crime, drama and film noir Based on the 1927 play The Racket by Bartlett Cormack. The film was a remake of the 1928 film of the same name. It was produced by Edmund Grainger and directed by John Cromwell. The film features Robert Mitchum as Captain Thomas McQuigg, Robert Ryan as Nick Scanlon, William Talman as Officer Bob Johnson and Lizabeth Scott as Irene Hayes.

The film is about two honest cops, McQuigg and Bob Johnson, in New York. When a large crime syndicate led by Nick persuades local government and law-enforcement officials of a city. They intends to place corrupt Attorne. Mortimer in a prominent government position. Irene Hayes is a sexy night club singer. She is persuaded by Mcquigg to testify aginst Scanlon to marks her for death.

  • Red Mountain (1951)

Red MountainAmerican Western film produced by Hal Wallis and directed by William Dieterle. The film features Alan Ladd as Capt. Brett Sherwood, Arthur Kennedy as Lane Waldron and Lizabeth Scott as Chris. In 1865, towards the end of American cicil war a confederate CAptain Sherwood and a couple Lane Waldron and Chris face raid by the Quantrillis Raiders out west.

  • The Company She Keeps (1951)

The Company she keepsA 1951 American drama film Written by Ketti Frings, Produced by John Houseman and Sid Rogell; and directed by John Cromwell. The film features Dennis O’Keefe as Larry, Lizabeth Scott as Joan and Jane Greer as Diane. Mildred Lynch a female ex-convict after serving two years on a check forging charges, changes her name to Dianne Stuart and moves to Los Angeles. Under the name of Dianne she began dating handsome Larry withou telling her past life.

  • Stolen Face (1952)

Stolen FaceA 1952 British film noir produced by Anthony Hinds and directed by Terence Fisher. The film features Paul Henreid as Dr. Philip Ritter,Lizabeth Scott as Alice Brent and Lily Conover after surgery and Mary Mackenzie as Lily Conover before surgery. The story of the film revolves about a plastic surgeon Dr. Philip Ritter who falls in love with a gifted pianist Alice Brunt. The two (Philip and Alice) met by chance at a country inn and romaticall involved.

However, Alice is already engaged to someone and runs away. Lily was the patient of Dr. Philip. Dr. Philip re-models the face of Lily, an ex-convict to resemble the face of Alice.They married and live happily for sometime. However Lily began bored with Ritter’s sedate lifestyle. She cannot change her old lifestyle and ways of crime.

  • Bad for each Other(1953)

Bad for each otherA 1953 American drama film noir Produced by William Fadiman and directed by Irving Rapper. it was based on the 1952 novel “Scalpel” by Horace McCoy. The film features Charlton Heston as Dr. Tom Owen, Dianne Foster as Joan Lasher and Lizabeth Scott as Helen Curtis.

An army Colonel Doctor Tom returning from the Korean war to his hometown, mining town, in Pennsylvania.Helen, a twicw divorced, is a daughter of a wealthy mine owneer Dan Reasonover. They meet at a party and began dating. After dating for sometime they married. However after marriage Tom have to choose between a glamarous practise and helping the poor.

Lizabeth Scott and Elvis Presley

In 1957 her film “Loving You” came. She was paired opposite Elvis Presley (King of Rock and Roll). It was the second film of Elvis Presley.

Her last film “Pulp” came in 1972 with Michael Caine and Mickey Rooney.She retired from the movie very soon. Even though her acting career was short-lived. She was considered as ” a Unique product of Hollywood”.

Why Lizabeth Scott is known as the Threat?

Scott has a similar look with Lauren Bacall,Voice with Frank Sinatara and the body with Marie Macdonald. Critics described her the “Threat” on her arrival to the Hollywood scene.

Why Lizabeth Scott adopted the stage name Elizabeth Scott?

She adopted the stage Elizabeth Scott from Elizabeth  after reading the play Elizabeth I and Mary, Queen od Scots”. She adopted to make the name more of an attention-grabber.  She later dropped the “E” from her name.

Who is known as the queen of film noir?

Lizabeth Scott is known as the Queesn of film noir.

What were the nicknames of Lizabeth Scott?

She was known by names of Scotty, Liz and the Threat.

Net worth of Lizabeth Scott

According to various sources like International media, Forbes, IMDB  and wikipedia Lizabeth Scott net worth before she died was $63.

Lizabeth scott personal life

Lizabeth was a very down to earth actress. She lived a simple and low life aloof from the materialistic world and spending money very wisely. In her later life also she avoid public appearances, turned down many interviews, guests and TV shows. She raised funds for hunger, research works, museums and art galleries.

Lizabeth Scott cause of death

Lizabeth Scott died on 31st January, 2015 at the age of 92 from the Congestive Cardiac arrest.

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