Ava Gardener was a beautiful American actress  born on Decembr 24, 1922 i 

The name “Ava” was named after her a beloved Aunt named Ava and Lavinia was named by her mother. 

She is also called as “The Christmas Eve Girl”. 

She had no interest in acting in her childhood. Growing up she idolized the famous actress Bette Davis 

her breakout film “The Killers” came in 1946  

She was called “The World’s Most Beautiful Animal” by the MGM. 

– She earned Academy Award nomination as a leading lady for her performance in Mogambo(1953)

She passed away from Bronchial Pneumonia at the age of 67 in 1990. 

She was buried on January 29 in Smithfield, United States in the Gardener family where her mother was buried.